Seasonal Hightlights

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Seasonal Highlights

The Morecambe Bay Area supports a rich variety of wildlife throughout the whole year. So no matter what time of year you visit the Bay you will be treated to some amazing wildlife spectacles. Below you will see some of the seasonal highlights.

Jan – MarchApril – JuneJuly – SeptOct – Dec
GeneralDamson Blossom / Festival

Otters; Owls / Bats

OttersOwls / Bats
Damson Harvest
GeneralBirds of Prey
LimestoneAccess and activity on pavement & architectural landscape (footpaths and access points) Last wild wolf in England (Humphrey Head); Fossils
WoodlandFlowers and plants; wild daffodills, garlic, bluebells, orchids

Singing Birds

Butterflies; Red DeerRed Deer Rut
ReedbedReed Bed WalksBooming BitternsBitternsMigrant Bitterns
Mosses and Wet grasslandsLarge Heath Butterflies; cranberries

Breeding curlew / waders

Cotton Grass; Bog plants; dragon flies;
Large Heath Butterflies
Red Deer
ForeshoreWintering Migrant BirdsBreeding curlew / wadersWintering Migrant Birds
EstuaryWintering Migrant BirdsBreeding curlew / wadersWintering Migrant Birds, Fish migration (salmon / lampreys)

Tidal Bore

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